We believe diversity is a competitive advantage. It's that simple. Diversity of gender, background, ethnicity, experience and thought all enable us to develop solutions that are smarter, clearer and more effective.

Saint-Gobain employees team up with YouthBuild students

As an equal opportunity employer, Saint-Gobain is committed to fair and equal employment practices. We believe that diversity and inclusion are essential drivers of innovation and motivation. This is made clear in our Principles of Conduct and Action, which emphasize the value of each person’s contribution to the organization, regardless of their background, life experience or personal outlook.

Internally, we have a group dedicated to ensuring our global business leaders develop and integrate diversity goals and strategies. Called the Diversity and Inclusion Council, the group provides oversight and guidance to further the achievement of Saint-Gobain’s diversity goals throughout the United States and Canada.  The group consults with Saint-Gobain’s business leaders to

  • ensure the consistent, coordinated alignment of our businesses’ diversity activities
  • assist in developing policies and programs to attract, retain and promote a diverse workforce
  • help to develop an open, inclusive work environment;
  • ensure the adoption of best practices in the management and communication of diversity issues and opportunities, progress and results

For employees, we promote inclusion within our organization through our Employee Resource Groups, which help foster an open and supportive work environment, as well as helping employees reach their full potential. Click here to find out more about our Employee Resource Groups.

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