Corporate Doctrine

In order to best serve our customers and maintain these standards of excellence, Saint-Gobain has developed a set of principles to guide our actions. For every employee, partner and customer, compliance with this doctrine is mandatory.

Corporate Principles of Conduct and Action:

These Principles of Conduct and Action provide the fundamental rules of behavior for all Saint-Gobain employees in the conduct of our business. These are universal principles and apply to all employees in all countries where Saint-Gobain conducts business.
Principles of Conduct and Action

Gifts Policy:

Saint-Gobain Purchasers and Suppliers refrain from gift giving to assure a professional, fair, ethical and equitable relationship in all business transactions.
No Gift Rules for Purchasing

Practical guide to competition compliance:

Compliance with the laws related to competition is the responsibility of all Saint-Gobain employees with a special emphasis for those involved in commercial activities. Saint-Gobain holds this responsibility and obligation at the highest level. Suspected violations should be reported to the Saint-Gobain Compliance Officer by calling 800-548-2088.
Practical Guide to Competition and Compliance

Purchasing Information

Select a link for detailed information on Saint-Gobain's purchasing policies and procedures.

  • PO Terms and Conditions (US)
  • PO Terms and Conditions (Canada)
  • The Supplier Charter: This charter formalizes Saint-Gobain's commitments to our suppliers and sub-contractors and invites them to adhere to these commitments. It is of the responsibility of the purchaser to promote The Charter to all suppliers and to make sure that The Charter is properly understood and applied.
  • The Purchasing Charter: As an extension to the "General principles of conduct and action," this Charter is to help you comprehend the rules of behavior and action to follow in order to act in a responsible manner in your daily activity.
  • California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (CTSCA):  Saint-Gobain and its North American business units (collectively, the "Company") comply with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010. Supply chain vendors to the Company's facilities that impact Californians must meet the strict standards set out in the Saint-Gobain Supplier's Charter and must certify their compliance with slavery and human trafficking laws. Saint-Gobain has retained an outside auditor to verify such compliance and trains its supply chain managers on slavery and human trafficking laws.
    • Training regarding the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 for company purchasing and supply chain professionals exists and is accessible on an internal portal. All business units/sites affected by the Act are aware of the training and are responsible to assure any new hires in the purchasing or supply chain areas are tasked with completion of the training. Upon completion of the training module, the human resources training group is notified so that the company can cross check that all affected purchasing and supply chain professionals have taken the training. Further, the company periodically sends reminders/updates to the affected business units to assure compliance.

    As a Saint-Gobain supplier, you are requested to verify that the products you supply to our manufacturing facilities in the state of California comply with the company's policy of compliance with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010.

Contractor Prequalification Instructions

Saint-Gobain uses PICS to administer and manage the exchange of environmental, health and safety related information and documents, including analysis and audit of critical data. Therefore, Saint-Gobain requires all contractors to complete the PICS Prequalification and Safety Review process prior to work being performed.

Prequalification instructions

CSR Performance

Adherence to best practices in responsible purchasing among our supplier network is an essential part of the Saint-Gobain’s sustainable development strategy.

Responsible purchasing