Saint-Gobain LGBTQ Network LiveOpen Logo

Saint-Gobain is an all-inclusive organization that celebrates diversity and encourages employees to live as their authentic selves in their daily work environment, and beyond. To better create a supportive environment, Saint-Gobain established LIVE OPEN, an Employee Resource Group (ERG) for members and allies of the LGBTQ community. LIVE OPEN actively recruits talented LGBTQ employees, promotes an unconditionally welcoming environment of diversity, equality and inclusion, and serves as a resource for individuals seeking guidance on topics around LGBTQ concerns.

Luc Vitry, Business Manager, Fluid Transfer Solution, Process Systems, Performance Plastics and Chair of the steering committee for LIVE OPEN, says, “This group encourages employees and supporters of the LGBTQ community to be fully open and honest about who they are as individuals. We don’t believe in switching on and off who you are in your personal life when you come to work. We believe in an attitude, behavior and set of practices that embraces diversity and focuses on wellbeing. LIVE OPEN seeks to honor that through a supportive, and truly inclusive community within Saint-Gobain.”     

Standards set by external organizations like the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) have helped LIVE OPEN establish its own goals, which are:

  • To promote a corporate culture that encourages all SGNA employees to live as their authentic selves in their daily work environment and beyond.
  • To achieve a 100% score on the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC’s) Corporate Equality Index, thus earning HRC recognition as a “Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality.”
  • To actively recruit talented LGBTQ employees, measured by anonymous workplace climate surveys and by increased membership in LIVE OPEN itself, among other initiatives.
  • To function as visible leaders to fellow employees who are members or allies of the LGBTQ community, while also serving as a resource for any individuals seeking guidance on topics of inclusion around LGBTQ concerns.

For more information on open positions within Saint-Gobain please visit our Careers page, here. For more information on other Saint-Gobain ERGs please visit our Employee Resource Group site here.